Patient Engagement Platform

Remote Patient Monitoring

Get access to better patient data and improve patient outcomes.

Real time monitoring with easy to use cellular devices

Clinical Dashboard

  • Real time vital alerts and disease specific pathways.
  • Reports With Vital Trends And Activity.
  • EMR With Digital Patient Onboarding, Clinical Notes And Workflows.
Clinical Dashboard
Multilingual Clinical Team

Real Time monitoring with cellular devices

  • Easy to use cellular based vital devices Automated vital alerts.
  • Medication reminders and refill alarms.

24/7 Culturally sensitive care

  • Disease specific surveys.
  • Multilingual clinical team.
  • Culturally focused content.
24/7 Culturally sensitive care

We partner with you to connect with a patient's entire support system, fostering better healthcare outcomes

  • Easy Activation

    Preactivated devices that work out of box with 24/7 support available to help patients use the devices.

  • 24/7 real time cellular connection

    Real time data from cellular devices enables quicker intervention and prevent hospital stays.

  • Easy to use

    Real time data from cellular devices enables quicker intervention and prevent hospital stays.

  • Care Plan

    Doctor-created content helps patients stay informed, make healthy choices, and reduce their risk of developing diseases.

  • 24/7 Nurse support

    24/7 in-person and virtual nurse consultations to identify necessary medical interventions and decrease hospitalizations.

  • Disease specific survey

    Gain deeper understanding of patient health through frequent self-reported data, enabling personalized and effective care.


Elderly Watching Tablet

Respo meets my standards as both a medical professional and a caretaker of older parents. It is intuitive and easy to to use for them, and there is content that they want to explore. It has features that give me peace of mind like the video chat capability, and the companion service is a lifesaver. I highly recommend Respo!


Elderly Watching Tablet

I use Respo for my parents. They love it very much, now I don’t have to worry about my parents living alone. Respo provides access to doctors, pharmacy, medicine management, health channels, shopping and much more. I recommend Respo to adult children who wants to take care of their parents living alone


Elderly Watching Tablet

I love Respo. Respo makes using cell phone very easy, App is Hindi language. I do online shopping, watch favorite shows, manage my health conditions, and make lots of friends on Respo channels. Thank you Respo.


Respo Health Is HIPAA Compliant

We built our state-of-the-art security and safety features with families and their loved ones in mind. All data is SSL encrypted in the USA.


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